William Camargo
Sep 24, 2014

“Logan Square for all,” a crowd of 100 protesters chanted. “Logan Square para todos!” 

The chants were among the demands shouted during a rally and candlelight vigil organized as part of an effort to keep open The Milshire Hotel, a single-room occupancy residence...

Rosalie Chan
Sep 17, 2014

A new FCC proposal that allows corporations to buy into a "fast lane" for their content may leave behind Internet users who rely on public places that can't afford the fare.

Angela Caputo
Sep 14, 2014

Since 2006, Cook County taxpayers have spent $778 million locking up people on low-level drug possession charges. One out of three drug cases are dismissed, which means users are released from jail without treatment, only to return on similar charges weeks or months...

Harriet Festing
Rosalie Chan
Sep 08, 2014

"Rain Ready" advocate Harriet Festing helps low-income homeowners repair -- and prevent -- damage caused by heavy rains.


Chicago hip-hop artists Common and Rhymefest joined forces on Sept. 21 to produce AAHH! Fest, a one-day music festival at Union Park, featuring Twista, MC Lyte, Jay Electronica, special guest Kanye West, and performances by local community members.

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Leveling the playing field

By Angela Caputo
Jul 29, 2014

More than 30 years ago, the federal government sued the Chicago Park District for showering money on parks in predominantly white areas. Today, which area has more money often determines who gets park upgrades.


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