Ten majority-black high schools in poor Chicago neighborhoods on the south and west sides have less than 400 students, and only about one in 10 teens in the community opts to attend them. [Photo by Ronnie Wachter]

Fewer students enroll in neighborhood high schools

New data show that neighborhood high schools have reached a troubling milestone: Most now enroll only one-fourth of the students living in their attendance areas. District officials have begun to focus on the daunting task of coming up with a comprehensive plan to revitalize schools that have been losing students for many years.

Andy Paz 13, originally from Honduras, leaves immigration court in Chicago with his mother Sandra Paz Martinez, after learning he will be allowed to stay in the United States until at least July 2015 while he applies for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. [Photo by William Camargo]

Advocates urge more mental health services for unaccompanied immigrant children

Unaccompanied minors face temporary displacement, language barriers and other challenges that can lead to anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other serious mental health problems, according to research. Advocates say more services, such as talk therapy and support groups, are needed to help them deal with the stress and trauma they have experienced.