Amanda Collins

Op-ed: Financial aid crisis hits low-income students

One hundred thirty thousand college students in Illinois are on the brink of a crisis that no one is talking about. These are the low-income students who were counting on the state’s Monetary Award Program (MAP) to afford tuition payments. But with the state budget process at a grinding halt, they face the threat of having to “pay back” thousands of dollars in financial aid that they already were promised. If money for MAP isn’t appropriated in the next couple of weeks, those students will face a terrible decision. MAP gives assistance to students who demonstrate financial need, and I know firsthand the difference that it can make.

A cost effective way to improve teaching

CPS teacher DeJernet Farder says most professional development activities are no more than random acts of school improvement. To save money and improve teaching, CPS should, for starters, talk with teachers about what they and what their schools need.

Why I’m hunger striking for Dyett High School

Jeanette Taylor-Ramann has served on the Mollison Elementary Local School Council since she was 19, a total 21 years. Here she shares experiences that led her to join a hunger strike to get School Board action on a plan to overhaul the neighborhood high school, Dyett.

15 years of leadership and proud of our role

Over 15 years, The Chicago Public Education Fund has committed more than $50 million to support the programs and organizations that measurably improve teaching and learning in Chicago’s public schools.

Quit complaining about the PARCC

The PARCC is designed to tell all of us–schools, principals, teachers, parents and students–what we know and don’t know about whether students are learning, what we are doing well and what we need help with. That’s a good thing, right? So what’s all the fuss about?