Letter to the editor: Nov-Dec 2009

Kelly Virella’s story on retailers moving to West Haven undervalues the positive aspects of the changes to the community brought by attracting a mix of incomes. Population declined in the Near West Side for decades, not because of displacement by whites or wealthier families, but because of the chronic problems experienced in the increasingly poorer community.

The Chicago Housing Authority’s redevelopment of the Henry Horner Homes and Rockwell Gardens has made it possible for public housing residents to remain and for families of modest incomes to move into the community and be a part of West Haven’s improvement.

Instead of focusing on the hard truth that race and economics impact quality of life in American communities, wouldn’t it be more productive to applaud the fact that something can be done to improve the lives of those living in formerly poor communities?

Peter Levavi
Senior Vice President
Brinshore Development

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